Nvidia make morningstar list of most overvalued stocks

Nvidia make morningstar list of most overvalued stocks

Nvidia make morningstar list of most overvalued stocks

It’s never a good time to buy an overvalued stock, as you certainly know already. Here is a list of Morningstar’s five most overvalued stocks, based on its analysts’ estimates of fair value. The commentary comes from Dave Sekera, Morningstar’s chief U.S. market strategist. The stocks are listed in order of overvaluation, with the most overvalued first.

Squarespace  (SQSP) - Get Free Report, which provides website-building software tools and hosting services, mostly for small, start-up businesses. Morningstar moat (durable competitive advantage) rating: none. Morningstar fair value estimate: $19.60. Tuesday’s closing price: $32.30.

It’s a pretty interesting company,” Sekera said. “It does have some very good growth dynamics. the company has grown quickly.

But on the downside, “over time, we believe that additional competition will limit future growth,” he said. “As such, we think the market is being overly optimistic regarding its long-term growth rate and margin expansion.” Oracle  (ORCL) - Get Free Report, the software titan.

Morningstar moat rating: narrow. Morningstar fair value estimate: $67. Tuesday’s closing price: $96.45. We actually forecast a strong top line growth rate, 7% compounded over the next five years, Sekera said. We even expect strong margin expansion to 39% from 26% over the next five years. It has grown very rapidly over the past couple of years since it went public, Sekera said. We think it is starting to develop a network effect. But at this point, we don’t have enough confidence that they’re really going to be able to create that competitive advantage.

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  1. Sarah Due

    Again, we agree the firm has a long runway of growth. It’s going to benefit from the emergence of AI. But the market has just gotten ahead of itself at this point.

  2. Poul Dook

    It has grown up now.

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