Fast and Furious 10 is now Fast X, and we have the first trailer, arriving ahead of Super Bowl 2023, when we expected it. There is a bit of bad news, though: One cast member you may be wishing was coming back for these films. More on him below. That said, of course, expect spoilers for Fast & Furious 9 below. This is your warning.

Also, we've just gotten a bit of casting news to add to the likely list of series regulars we expect to see back in the driver's seat(s). It's amazing to think, though, about how a rag-tag group of motor-heads went from betting on cars to saving the world. Here's everything we know right now about Fast and Furious 10.

"Let's race!" Remember the safe heist from Fast Five? The Fast X trailer reveals that Jason Momoa's character was ruined by the gang's actions, and that's why he's out for revenge. It also presents Jakob (John Cena), Dom's brother in action with his family, and we see Brie Larson's new character is on our heroes' side.

Fast X release date changes

Universal has had to change the Fast and Furious 10 release date — it is now May 19, 2023 (formerly April 7, 2023). This means you have more than enough time to watch the Fast and Furious movies in order on any of the best streaming devices.

This puts it a bit in front of Mission: Impossible 7, the other big Summer 2023 movie, which is due on July 14. Originally Fast and Furious 10 (or whatever they wind up calling it) was due in April 2021. But with production delays and slowdowns due to the COVID-19, the movie won't be accelerating into theaters.

Star Vin Diesel confirmed to Entertainment Weekly(opens in new tab) that filming on the movies will begin in January 2022. We say "movies" because it seems like Fast 10 and Fast 11 may be just Fast 10 parts 1 and 2.

The bad news right now overshadows the below casting news. Director Justin Lin, who has been with the series since The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and directed Fast Five (widely thought of as the rebirth of the series) has left Fast X.

Lin revealed the news in an Instagram post(opens in new tab) that doesn't explain why he's leaving, though he notes he will stay on as a producer. Since we just saw F9 on opening night, we've got a firm grasp on who to expect back for Fast and Furious 10. And since none of our main crew saw the end of their careers in F9, we believe Fast and Furious 10 could have the biggest cast yet.

Vin Diesel recently announced that Brie Larson is joining Fast X's cast, with a post of him and the Captain Marvel star cracking up on Instagram(opens in new tab) and then The Hollywood Reporter(opens in new tab) broke the news about the latest megastar to join the Fast & Furious world. Jason Momoa, the outlet reported, "is in final negotiations to join" the film and he "could be one of the film’s villains."